5 free courses you should take to make Greta Thunberg proud of you

You’ve probably heard her name, seen her “School Strike for Climate” on tv, and come across her speeches on your newsfeed. Actually, if you are here, you are probably wondering how you can be like Greta Thunberg and fight against climate change like the 18-year-old activist who has rallied millions of young people around the world. Well, look no further because today we bring you the five free courses you can take now to learn more about climate change, what you can do about it, and the SDGs so you make Greta Thunberg proud. Remember, you don’t need to move masses to make a change. Every step counts, and the important thing is to learn as much as possible about this critical issue, raise our voices, and take action, much like Greta has taught us.

Every step counts, and the important thing is to learn as much as possible about this critical issue, raise our voices, and take action, much like Greta has taught us.


1. Sustainability for Youth by CanopyLAB:

From Zero Waste Lifestyle to Sustainable Workplaces by CanopyLAB: Are you concerned about the environmental problems facing our times but don’t know how to make a difference? Listen to Gittemary Johansen’s journey to becoming a force of change through zero waste living. Inspired by Lauren Singer, who is known for producing so little trash over two years that it fits a single mason jar, Gittemary quit becoming a fashion blogger to create her own zero-waste personal brand that combines conscious living with science and joy.


2. Eat Your Values by The Mindful Kitchen:

Eating sustainably is something many of us aspire to do.  But, what exactly does this mean? In this course, you will explore how conventional agriculture has played a role in climate change and why local, seasonal, organic, and zero waste diets that emphasize plant-based foods make a difference. Start your journey to a more environmentally friendly diet today.


3. Can Mindfulness Help End Climate Change? By CanopyLAB:

Why is it hard for people to wrap their brains around climate change? What are the effects of climate change on our mental health? How can mindfulness be the tool needed to get society involved in climate action? What can I do? Find the answers to these questions and understand the human side of climate change and its relationship to mental wellbeing on this course.


4. Food the Connector of Life by The Mindful Kitchen:

You are what you eat. What does that phrase mean to you? In this course, you will explore this question and reveal how food is a connector of life in ways that extend far beyond the obvious. Check it out now and learn how what you put on your plate is related to peace, climate change, equality, and even mental wellbeing. The first step to making positive changes is to educate yourself.


5. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals by CanopyLAB:

Without your help, we won’t achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This is the first course in a series about the 17 SDGs. Learn what the 2030 agenda is, why there are 17 goals, the 169 targets related to them, who is doing the heavy lifting to make these goals a reality, and how you can be part of the change. Later, take the courses about your favorite goals or all of them! You can find them for free too on The LAB. Remember that they are divided into three categories, for 12-13 years old, 14-16, and the general public.


As COP26 takes place in Glasgow and millions of people worldwide march the streets asking for meaningful actions and significant changes, it is easy to feel helpless, but remember #ThereIsNoPlanetB. It is up to us to educate ourselves, fight climate change and raise awareness in our communities. After all, and in the words of Greta, “Together and united, we are unstoppable.” Go to The LAB and start today. Be part of the revolution. Be part of the change.


You must take action. You must do the impossible. Because giving up is never an option.
~Greta Thunberg



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