5 Tips for a Successful Learning Experience Design

Once you have the right platform, a topic, and a target audience, creating a course is not that hard, is it? At the end of the day choosing the right content is all that matters, right? Well, not really. Education must evolve and adapt to the 21st century learners. Meaning throwing knowledge and concepts at them is not enough, we need to give them an actual Learning Experience.

Yet, you may be wondering: what Learning Experience Design (LX Design) is and where to begin? To put it in simple terms, LX Design places the learner at the forefront instead of the concepts and aims to create experiences that have a long-lasting impact. If you want to take a deep dive into this concept and learn how CanopyLAB can help you achieve this, check this blog first and then come back.

However, if you are familiar with LX Design, continue reading so you can learn the 5 strategies we use here at CanopyLAB and which will change the way you design your courses, and how your students learn.

  1. Always design with the user in mind.

    What we mean by this is that you must consider the learners’ expectations, experiences, learning preferences, demographics, etc. In this way, you will be able to create content that is appealing to them, which will result in an enjoyable learning experience.

    To achieve this, make sure to keep in mind diversity and come up with inclusive materials and activities that make your users feel like you are speaking directly to them and that they are witnessing a truly personalized learning experience.

  2. Give your audience different choices

    Think about who you are designing the course for: Are they kids? Adults? Teenagers? Busy entrepreneurs? Make the course as personalized as possible according to their ages and unique needs.

    Designing with the learner in mind and understanding their differences means giving them different choices in learning experiences, which include: content, exercises/ways of working, and ways of processing the content.

  3. Encourage social interaction

    We are all social beings. Even if we are learning through a computer, it does not mean that the experience has to make you feel isolated, and this is where LX Design comes in.

    Include group activities. Encourage your learners to share their experiences in an open forum or come up with fun and creative activities where they have to interview family members or friends. Allowing for social interactions within your platform will make the users feel part of a larger community. In this way, they will realize they are not alone in their learning process and as a result are more likely to internalize the content.

  4. Include practical activities

    Stir away from activities where all they have to do is repeat what you have told them. Create practical activities where they relate the content to their personal experiences. They are more likely to remember what you are trying to teach them if they can translate it into their lives.

    In this sense, encourage them to think of everyday issues or problems at work or school they could fix based on the information you have shared with them. Do you think your content can’t quite relate to any aspect of their lives? Think again. If you are teaching them to code, create an activity where they have to come up with an app that directly addresses an issue in their communities.

  5. Include a fun layout but don’t get lost in bells and whistles

    Colors, graphics, and even memes can add an element of fun to your course and even influence the learners’ emotions to feel more open and engaged with the materials. However, don’t be afraid of negative space. Don’t overwhelm your users with a rainbow of colors in every single part of your course.


These are the top five tips we can give you today to start your design process with the right foot. It all comes down to one simple strategy: always design with your user in mind. It is not the learner’s job to adapt to your content, in fact, it is quite the opposite. The courses you design must meet the needs of your target audience and give them an incredible learning experience they can take with them and replicate in different areas of their lives.


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