An Intern-rim Introduction

Hello there, my name is Aloysius Lim. I’m an undergraduate from Singapore Management University (SMU) and now I’m interning at CanopyLAB!

A little about me. I am from an information technology education background, studying Cyber Security for my Diploma, and currently studying Information Systems for my degree. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity and chance to create many interesting projects and been through various IT competitions commonly known as Hackathons, e.g. Splash Awards 2012, Fishackathon 2015. This allowed me to really appreciate how technology can change and impact social groups.

One such interesting project that I embarked on was !Static. Commonly known as a IT jargon, the symbol ‘ ! ‘ refers to the opposite of the following word. !Static was aimed to be a dynamic and immersive learning application targeted at making the classroom learning environment more enriching and enjoyable. We employed a use of Augmented Reality (AR), podcast recordings and interactive maps to allow students to enhance their learning materials. The project did not aim to replace the learning materials like textbooks, but instead to integrate together, to create an immersive learning experience.

When I’m not burying myself into my studies and curriculum (if you are wondering, it’s a Singaporean thing), I am also a yellow-belt Judo practitioner and a kayaking enthusiast. Being out on the ocean is a sight to behold and I recommend you to try it out one day!

I look forward to posting more articles and working with CanopyLAB in the coming weeks that I’ll be here and I hope you are excited to hear more from CanopyLAB too!