Expert guide to building a strong corporate culture

- while working remotely using a social learning platform

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Important topics covered in this guide

How to strengthen your corporate culture during remote work

How to choose the right tools for your organization

The 4 pillars to develop and maintain a strong corporate culture

At CanopyLAB, we believe that social learning and collaboration are crucial for maintaining trust and developing a positive corporate culture. As such, making sure that employees have a strong connection to their colleagues and the company’s values, mission and ethos have become one of the biggest challenges during remote work.

If you have moved in-person activities online we encourage you to take on the challenge of implementing social learning with the help of this guidebook that we have developed with experts in Human Resources Management, focusing on both small. medium and large multinational companies. This guide includes a checklist to support the teams who work remotely.

After reading this, you will be able to:

  • Formulate a strategy for working remotely and promoting a sense of community from afar.
  • Identify the four pillars of positive corporate culture and take action on strengthening them within your organization.
  • Understand how social learning platforms can be used to enhance communication, team culture, and identity-building among employees.

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Boost your employee's engagement strengthening your corporate culture during remote work.