CanopyLAB comes in as #9 on Elearning Industry’s Top 20 LMS based on User Experience

Every year, ELearning Industry published the Top 20 LMS list based on User Experience. This year is the first year CanopyLAB appears on the list, coming in at an impressive 9th place.

According to Elearning Industry the Top 20 LMS list “has been created using a holistic approach and is based on input from actual LMS users. The order of appearance depends on System Usability Score, Perceived Usefulness & Net Promoter Score. You can also find User-Friendly LMS Resources that will help you choose the right software”.


From the very beginning, implementing a minimalist, beautiful, and intuitive design has been my mission and therefore I am very proud of this recognition of our product. Especially because it is based on real user experiences.

∼Christian Skræm Juul Jensen, co-founder and CTO of CanopyLAB


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