CanopyLAB’s checklist for picking the right adaptive learning platform

Are you ready to take the leap and invest in an adaptive learning platform? Unsure of what to look for when picking the right solution? We’ve got you covered- this checklist includes the most important questions you should ask your adaptive learning software provider.

Features are the building blocks of online learning platforms; they draw the line between what is possible and the limitations of living up to the needs and ensuring the success of corporate learning programs. Here are a few questions you need to ask your software provider before picking the right adaptive platform:

  • Does the platform prioritize an interactive, engaging and intuitive user experience?
  • Are users able to identify gaps in their knowledge and easily track their progress?
  • What kind of adaptive quizzes does the solution enable?
  • Are there tools to facilitate collaboration and ensure personalized feedback?
  • Is it possible to practice identifiable competencies or just knowledge through the solution?


Learning path

Let’s face it, what good is an online learning platform that does not prioritize the needs and experience. To ensure that the software provides you pick a variety of kick-ass learning pathways for your employees, make sure you ask the following questions:

  • Is the learner’s starting point based on a solid benchmark assessing their previous knowledge?
  • Is content curated to meet individual learning objectives or a one size fits all solution?
  • Does the platform support different learning styles, not only through various exercises but also by presenting materials in other forms of media?
  • Is it aligned with the learning goals and objectives of your training program?



It is not only about generating or gathering countless amounts of data; it is about what you can do with it. Adaptive learning platforms often showcase valuable metrics, but the most important thing is, do they displace the data that is most valuable for the success and development of your corporate training program- ask your software provider the following:

  • Are learner analytics easy to understand?
  • Do they provide an overview of performance and development?
  • Can they measure the success of the implementation of a training program?
  • Do they provide insights on employee satisfaction and engagement?


Value proposition

Don’t pick a platform solution just because it is adaptive- look beyond the hype. You have to be critical and require a clear value proposition when choosing to work with an adaptive learning software provider. The following questions help you keep your corporate learning goals in check:

  • Does the platform provider present a solid value proposition based on customer satisfaction?
  • Do they have evidence of successful implementation through strong client cases?
  • Do you clearly understand the solution’s architecture and how the platform works, prioritizing trust and transparency?
  • How will the platform provider ensure you receive the proper support and establish a successful onboarding process?



Last but not least, one of the most important considerations when picking an adaptive learning platform: Security. It is crucial to ensure that all the content, user data, and platform activity is transparent and secure. We’ve compiled these questions you need to ask your content provider before sealing the deal:

  • Is the platform GDPR compliant?
  • Where is the solution stored?
  • How and how frequently is the solution maintained and updated? 


Do you know that the CanopyLAB Learning Experience Platform meets all the requirements to deliver high-quality corporate training?

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