CanopyLAB’s Checklist for picking the right digital learning platform


This past week, we have been extending a helping hand to the amazing HR staff and teachers who face the tough choice of picking a digital learning platform or learning management system for the company or institution in a two part series called Picking the right digital learning platform 1 & 2.

For those of you in a hurry, or who want to double check if you have considered all of the important factors that go into making this important and costly decision, we have compiled a list of what we believe are the most important requirements


Checklist for picking the right platform

  • The platform is cloud-based
  • The platform does not require any downloads
  • The design is either responsive or there is an app (or both)
  • The platform enables social connectivity among learners through direct-messaging, forums, newsfeeds. Live collaboration etc.
  • The design is modern and intuitive and relies on best practices from the apps and networking sites your staff already uses
  • The platform contains adaptive quizzes allowing your users to practice their knowledge
  • The platform has a series of exercises that enable the quitting 21st Century skills. This cannot be achieved through videos and quizzes, but exercises like debate, reflection, facilitation and much more.


Questions to ask yourself

  • Does it make sense to integrate the company’s communication?
  • Do I really need a platform with an editor, or do my designers already have the best tools available?