Case Study: Care Peru

Niñas con oportunidades (NCO), which translates to Girls with opportunities, is a program that aims to support 1 million girls to complete a higher education by 2021.


Niñas con oportunidades (NCO), which translates to Girls with opportunities, is a program that aims to support 1 million girls to complete a higher education by 2021. Through a collaboration with the state, education institutions, families, teachers and students, the program changes the lives of under resourced girls through initiatives that provide them with the skills and knowledge to break them and their families out of the poverty cycle.


Together Niñas con oportunidades and CanopyLAB are adapting the NCO program content and in-person workshops into interactive online educational tracks available on a unique NCO learning platform. Girls will be able to take courses on sexual and reproductive rights, entrepreneurship, social abilities and other essential topics that will empower them to seek out greater opportunities beyond schooling. Furthermore, the platform will provide a social space for girls to connect with one another, engage in conversations and learn from each other. The goal is to remove any geographical and economic barriers and connect the 100,000 girls from all corners of Peru through technology. This partnership also aims to create tracks for teachers and parents will be equipped with knowledge and resources needed to reach NCO’s mission in their own classrooms and homes to further support the girls in every aspect of their lives.


“Our virtual platform represents a great opening for both educational and technological impact and reach, offering great benefits such as a new vision and commitment for teachers.

With CanopyLAB’s support, the Niñas con Oportunidades platform is a tool with immense potential that allows us to manage and modify learning sessions, allowing teachers to access and adapt various activities to their classroom. Through this interesting digital resource, I have had the opportunity not only to motivate teachers but also guide them in the development of the platform. What stands out is the fact that the platform has high quality features and characteristics of a software designed to help teachers design, create and evaluate courses.”

~Luisa Maria Rodriguez Flores, NCO program facilitator

“Being a part of the online courses has been a new experience for me as a teacher because I gained knowledge about diverse topics including sexuality, care, prevention and other important topics. As a teacher, I am able to acquire new knowledge and materials to guide my students in their everyday learning using methodological ways of learning. The platform provides access and allows us to interact with a wide range of resources and videos to diversify the materials in the curriculum...I hope that there will be new courses on the platform that will improve our pedagogical experience in the classroom”.

~Nestor Chinguel Santiseban, Teacher

“Working on the platform has been a gratifying experience. You are able to choose topics and adapt the activities to varying target age groups and the context of the class you are teaching. I used a series of videos on the platform to support my lessons on female empowerment”.

~Jessica Jauregui, Teacher

“There is a lot of potential in the materials on the platform that I can use to incorporate to my classroom. Because of the varying levels of my students, I know they will not be able to complete all the activities in the suggested time, but I am able to adjust what I gain from the courses to fit my lesson plan and students’ needs and pace”

~Ofelia Saboya, Teacher