Case Study: Danish Design Center

The Danish Design Centre, an independent institution linked to the Ministry of Industry, focused on promoting the value of design for Danish business and industry.

The Client

The Danish Design Centre came to CanopyLAB with the need to digitize their workshop project REMODEL aimed at manufacturing businesses. The aim was to reach a much larger target group through digitizing while still maintaining the highly collaborative and feedback oriented structure of the learning material.

The Solution

The REMODEL project turned out very successfully leading the learner through the processes of design thinking and Open Source works. The learner is guided through the entire course by videos with the Director of Digital & Future Thinking at DDC and is invited to join and collaborate through a variety of engaging, hands-on exercises. The variety of creative exercises that are part of the CanopyLAB-platform engage the learner to fully interact with a creative process as design thinking. Furthermore, the social and collaborative elements of the platform made it possible for learners to both pitch, give feedback and thereby learn from others on the platform.


“As an organization we are really focused on giving our work the highest possible impact, including as learning materials in the digital realm. CanopyLAB offers a great opportunity to explore the future of learning and we are excited to experiment with letting our work find new and interesting audiences there.”

~Christian Villum | Director of Digital and Future Thinking, DDC

“The collaboration has been really positive and rewarding; and on top of that smooth and professional.”

~Christian Villum | Director of Digital and Future Thinking, DDC

“We are curious towards CanopyLAB’s take on using new advanced technologies to improve learning and look forward to see the development of concrete use cases take shape and give pointers towards the future of learning.”

~Christian Villum | Director of Digital and Future Thinking, DDC

“Working with CanopyLAB is always a pleasure. Highly professional staff, with a kind, curious, creative and welcoming attitude to new ideas and stupid questions.”

~Brian Frandsen | Senior Service Designer, DDC

“Collaborating with CanopyLAB is a chance to observe, engage and take part of trying out new concepts, new technologies and new approaches to online learning.”

~Brian Frandsen | Senior Service Designer, DDC