Case Study: MILIFE

Transforming Danish teacher training through “Learnopolis” an online learning universe created by MILIFE.


MILIFE is a Danish educational company behind a comprehensive educational concept focused on personal and social competences training of teachers, educators, supervisors and mentors who work in primary and secondary schools.


Mi-Life has used the CanopyLAB white label platform to offer a digital training community called “Learnopolis” as a supplement to and test the physical workshops and books they previously used for training. They have launched Learnopolis with online courses for teachers about professional communication skills.

Learnopolis users engage through a series of activities that help them reflect on the way they interact with their own students in and out of the classroom. Mi-Life specifically made use of the diverse multimedia formats available on the CanopyLAb platform to allow users to showcase their learning. This helped the Mi-Life project become a creative learning experience which allowed a wide range of creative submission forms such as video, audio or a picture of a hand-drawn sketch among others.


“It has been a pleasure to work with everyone we have met in CanopyLAB. Very forthcoming, helpful, insightful and knowledgeable.”

~Lotte Møller Sørensen | Director at MILIFE