Checklist: A guide to picking a Learning Experience Platform that supports the development of new skills


How do you know if your Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Experience System (LXP) is only designed to teach knowledge and not skills? This checklist shows what to look for:

  • Does the system enable different types of exercises for learners to complete either after or during they have consumed the course materials?
  • Do learners have access to individual exercises like journaling, essays, quizzes, brainstorming etc?’
  • Do learners have a personal profile that can be viewed by other people?
  • Can learners find other people to collaborate with?
  • Do learners have access to social and collaborative features, such as peer reviews, peer grading, roleplaying and discussions?
  • Are the skills and knowledge of each learner visualized, so that they can track their progress?

If your LMS or LXP enables all of the above, you are off to a great start. If you are interested in knowing more about what features you need to learn new skills online check out our latest post in the skills series here.

Education is a big challenge now. If we don’t change the way we teach, we will be in big trouble in 30 years from now. Because the way we teach, the things we teach our kids, are the things from the past 200 years – its knowledge based. We need to be teaching our children values, believing, independent thinking, teamwork, care for others…these are the soft parts. The knowledge will not teach you that.
∼Jack Ma


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