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Detailed overview of our free offerings to all educational institutions

CanopyLAB offers a free social learning platform to every educational institution worldwide. To begin with, this offering is limited to a 6-months-period, however this may be prolonged depending on the development of COVID-19.

Due to the huge amount of domestic lockdowns worldwide, CanopyLAB has decided to offer our learning platform for free to all educational institutions. In the following, we will outline exactly what this offering consists of, and what our learning platform offers to educators and their students.


We offer:

1. A social learning platform
2. Existing learning content
3. Support on how to digitize your own content
4. General customer service
5. Webinars with support for educators



The COVID-19 challenge calls for a one-stop solution and not solely a platform. No one should be left by themselves to take up this challenge, not the individual educator, the IT-employee nor the student.


A social learning platform
CanopyLAB offers their social learning platform to each school and educational institution to be used for free by employees and students:

  • A cloud-based digital learning platform with no need for installation.
  • Each school can get their own platform, or a national platform can be set up depending on each country’s national strategy for curriculum.
  • Creation of individual personal logins in less than 10 min.
  • The platform and the generated data will be administered by each individual school’s or institution.
  • The platform enables social interaction, uploading of video lectures as well as video live-streaming, sharing of syllabus and content materials, digital tests, adaptive quizzes, and a range of competency based exercises.
  • Educators and administrators are able to follow each student’s progression and support the ones in need.


Can be pre-loaded with relevant learning content

  • Each learning platform can be pre-loaded with a number of digital courses including themes such as the SDGs, entrepreneurship, digital literacy, mental perseverance and much more.
  • These courses have been developed by experts from the International civil society and are easy to enroll in and follow.


Supporting your digital process

  • Each educator will receive a host-login which allows you to easily and intuitively develop your own digital content for your students.
  • The platform supports all kinds of materials; Videos, PDF’s, external links and images.
  • The platform is powered by artificial intelligence which makes it easy and fast to create an engaging course. Actually, you can do it in less than 30 min.
  • The visual identity is similar to Facebook and Twitter, which makes the platform easy to navigate and does not require a digital ‘drivers licence’ to get going.
  • Furthermore, it is easy to facilitate an active learning process for the students through the more than 55 different exercises, including digital quiz-formats.


General customer support

  • CanopyLAB’s support-service is ready to help you via our live chat-function (Zendesk) as well as by phone in Danish, English and Spanish.
  • We launch a super user-training for administers, teachers and IT-employees making it easy for them to (digitally) support their own employees.


Webinars with support and advice on learning

  • In week 12-13, CanopyLAB will host 3 webinars on how to use the platform.
  • In week 12-13, CanopyLAB will host 3 webinars on how to develop digital learning content.