Digital Disruption: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Learning

Looking to learn more about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Pressed for time need a simple overview of the major digital learning AI features? We’ve compiled a list of topics that you can browse through in a matter of minutes.

AI allows Edtech solutions to be more cost-effective and adaptive, rendering a solid Return on Investment (ROI) and greater learner engagement. Automated evaluations and data collection allows course administrators to focus on evaluating learner’s unique competencies and provide specific feedback on their progress.

Automation & Personalisation

Automating administrative tasks and streamlining content improves the experience for both learners and educators making digital teaching and learning more personalised and time-efficient facilitated by the following AI-powered features:

  • Automated grading and feedback saves an incredible amount of time on administrative tasks.
  • Optimizing group formation facilitates online collaboration.
  • NLP features like CanopyLAB’s automatic tagging of content and exercise recommender automates the online course creation process.
  • Curation of instructional content as in the case of Docebo and CanopyLAB ensures personalised learning paths.

Interaction & Engagement

Collective intelligence has elevated the digital learning experience of educators and learners by improving user interaction and engagement. Swarm intelligence (solving large-scale problems and autonomous AI (that mimic human behavior) have made the following list of AI solutions possible:

  • Chatbots for 24/7 customer service and tutors such as the example of Jill Watson and the Abraham Lincoln bot that bringing a humanistic approach to automated online support.
  • The robot revolution: robots are getting better at making sense of the information and emotions in the human world. An example is the Todai robot project, programmed to take Tokyo University’s entrance exam (spoiler alerts- it got in and even passed the essay writing section!).

What will AI have in store for digital learning next? A key takeaway is that AI is not working to eradicate today’s jobs, but instead elevating them- digital disruption is improving the experience and engagement of both learners and educators we just have to understand and trust the potential of this incredible technology.


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