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We are making eLearning adaptive, interactive, and personal.

CanopyLAB is the world's first smart eLearning platform and software. It is based on advanced algorithms, gamification, and soon AI. It enables completely personal and adaptive learning experiences online.

CanopyLAB Corporate

Our corporate learning software allows your employees to easily map their current skills and competencies and understand how they can develop. The adaptive curriculums make it possible to customize the learning materials and exercises to the individual employee, allowing them to acquire the right competencies to succeed in their job and career.

CanopyLAB  Student

On our open learning platform, The LAB, students can take high-quality online courses. These are within humanities and social sciences and are offered by leading NGOs, and private institutions. The adaptive curriculums make it possible to customise the learning experience to your specific needs and interests. All this while the exercises give you the opportunity to learn in different ways. This makes learning a social, engaging, and fun experience.