Frequently asked Questions

Find the answer to some of the most asked questions.

Who is CanopyLAB?

CanopyLAB A/S is a Danish an educational technology company which specializes in adaptive learning. We work on two verticals: a whitelabel solution that corporates can rebrand as their own and use for internal training, and an open learning platform called The LAB where everyone can sign up and take courses for free.

What kind of courses can I take?

We currently offer courses in 6 different categories: Technology, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Democracy, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development Goals. We are constantly adding more categories and courses.

How do I enroll in a course?

First you need to find a course: You can click the “Course” tab in the menu bar on the top left corner. You can also access courses through the search bar. If you are not sure what course you want to take, you can simply leave the search bar open and press enter, then all courses will appear. Once you find a course you like, click on the course and click the “take course” tab.

I would like to make courses, is that possible?

Individuals cannot make courses, but if you represent an NGO, a company or an institution we may be able to work together. Please contact us:

Why do tags have colors?

The colors indicate how many times you have completed that type of tag. The colors move from red (infrequently) towards green (frequently).

Where can I find other students?

When you sign up you can start following other people. You can also search for other people. We are constantly implementing more ways for you to be able to find other students.

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