Feature series: Exercise templates you will love using

This one goes out to you all you amazing hosts: we have provided you with a series of templates¹ that make creating exercises feel like smooth sailing!


What is an exercise template?

As a host, we provide you with a series of exercise templates that you can adapt to your own idea of an exercise. Let’s say you want your learners to write a journal entry, but you can’t think of any questions on the spot. We provide you with a Journal Form exercise template that includes open-ended questions like What insights have I gained through this unit? or How does this unit relate to my existing knowledge?


[…] you can then choose which questions are optional and even add your own.


Wow- reading those questions was just the inspiration you needed. When you are working with the Journal Form template, you can then choose which questions are optional and even add your own. This makes your experience of creating exercises simple, easy and enjoyable. That way you can focus more on what your learners will get out of this experience rather than wondering what a journal entry should include.


So, what’s the point?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there… we have gathered amazing learning materials and uploaded that perfect video featuring an incredible speaker, BUT we just can’t think of what to include in the exercises. As a host, you begin to feel frustrated because you know how important it is to have engaging exercises that will guide learners through all the materials in your unit. That is why WE have come to the RESCUE!


At CanopyLAB, we are constantly creating ways to ease the process of creating courses on our platform. Stay tuned for more!


¹According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a template is something that is used as a pattern for producing other similar things.


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