Feature series: Tips for working with the repeat format adaptive quiz

Feature series: Tips for working with the repeat format adaptive quiz

The feature series is primarily designed for elearning designers, HR and teachers who work hard on making amazing learning experiences.


The repeat format adaptive quiz is the simplest of the adaptive quizzes. It re-feeds the students questions that they got incorrect after having gone through the full flow of questions. This continues until the student has gotten every question right.


There are many different variations of this quiz. Most will also feed students a sample of questions that were answered correctly, both to make the sample larger and to double check whether the learner got the question right because they knew it or it was a lucky punch.


How do I use it?

The repeat format allows the user to try again and again until they answer all the questions correctly! It is a great practice technique for learners, giving them more chances to find the correct answers, as well as further establishing knowledge about questions they already got right. You may know this type of flow well from learning apps such as Duolingo.



 The repeat format should be administered at the beginning or halfway through the course.

 It is not well-suited for testing purposes but should be thought of as a training ground.

 This format is particularly useful for topics where repetition is crucial for learning.

 Clarity is key: Make questions as clear as possible!

The quiz is most effective id you avoid fill-in-the-blank statements.

Directly relate questions to the learning materials in the specific unit of the online course.

 Providing 4 answer options is the standard!

Avoid “All of the Above” or “None of the Above” as answer options.


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