Five simple tips for implementing your new learning experience platform.

You have just acquired your new learning experience platform! Congratulations! You are now embarking on a journey that will save you valuable time, and that will ensure learning among your students or employees.


We want to offer the following tips in order to get the most out of your learning experience platform.


It is imperative that content managers know the functions of the platform and know what is expected of them to achieve the best possible learning outcome.


  1. Ensure that you receive a virtual “Train the trainer” or some other sessions in which you become an expert on how to use the platform, navigate features, security settings, etc. That way, you can also help new users navigate the new platform smoothly. It is imperative that content managers know the functions of the platform and knows what is expected of them to achieve the best possible learning outcome.
  2. Spend some time exploring the features of the platform before planning your first courses. You may save time in the end by doing this because training sessions will be more effective. You must know how the end-user will experience the social experience on the platform and the flow of taking courses and take that into account.
  3. Set clear goals and objectives for your courses. Before starting your planning, outline the learning goals that you have for your students. If you want to do pre-boarding, your course will look very different from a professional development course. Your learning goals and objectives are your roadmaps, which means it is the quintessential part of your planning.
  4. Great content is the foundation for an excellent learning experience! Today, most people favor short videos over lengthy ones. This is something that we are very adamant about when talking to clients. Nobody wants to watch a 45 min training video. Chunk it up into 5-7 smaller ones.
  5. Think about pedagogy! Don’t be scared if you are not an expert on designing pedagogical exercises such as quizzes, learning journals, mind mapping, or something similar. If you have picked the right LXP there will be templates you can use to make cool exercises in just minutes.

So get started, have fun, and don’t forget to experiment with your new platform.


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