Harnessing the power of role models: How DigiPippi is closing the gender gap for women in technology through youth mentorships

Did you know that there are still IT university programs with 0% female enrolment? This is just one fact that drives the DigiPippi volunteer mentorship program that aims to connect girls ages 7-13 with female role models to foster curiosity and passion for the world of technology. With the support of CanopyLAB, DigiPippi has created a virtual academy where volunteers learn about the Digippipi method, which includes how to become a role model for girls in tech, host IT workshops and use social media for outreach courses, all while connecting with their mentees in a social online setting.

Who is Digippipi?
DigiPippi is a Danish voluntary association creating a digital and social community for girls ages 7-13 who want to learn about technology, IT, and digital media. Focusing on girls’ genuine and individual interests, DigiPippi reaches a young demographic that rarely identifies themselves with technology. Their aim is to connect young girls with female volunteer role models to break down stereotypes and dive into real-world applications of the potential and impact of technology.


Goals & Objectives
Digitizing the volunteer training process has been one of DigiPippis main objectives, but their efforts with online meetings and PDFs proved inefficient. DigipPippi volunteers are scattered across a number of Danish cities, making their training time consuming and costly. It is impossible to gather all of them at once for training sessions as workshops are constantly needed to remain up to date with the programs and the constraint intake of new volunteers has been straining the organization.


Digitizing the volunteer training process has been one of DigiPippis main objectives, but their efforts with online meetings and PDFs proved inefficient.


Our Approach
With the support of CanopyLAB, DigiPippi has created an online academy: a virtual space where volunteers take part in efficient onboarding and training courses. The young girls themselves have also been gathered into one platform, and are able to connect with their mentors in a social online setting. As part of the academy, participants begin by learning about DigiPippi’s mission and values, understanding the goals of the organization gives all role models a united purpose, building a strong sense of community and connectedness across Denmark. Furthermore, the volunteer role models develop their communication competences by participating in online training that focuses on how to host IT and Youtuber workshops for young girls and how to use various social media platforms to connect with a wider audience.


Onboarding has been made much easier, and tracking volunteer performance and providing individual guidance is very easy on the platform. Constant training and development of new classes is now a lot less time consuming for the organization, and the volunteers can continue their own learning when and how they want.


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