Hello from an intern from Singapore!

Hello there, my name is Sally, and I’m a visionary with a passion for design, technology, and entrepreneurship, and I find joy in seeing how disparate things piece together, and discovering the endless possibilities.

I am currently a sophomore pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems at Singapore Management University (SMU). I will be interning with CanopyLAB from now till August, and I’m really excited about what will be in store for me!

How I managed to gain the opportunity of interning at CanopyLAB was all made possible by an SMU program which I am enrolled in, which is the ‘Entrepreneurship Immersion Programme’ (EIP). Under this program, I get to not only do an internship at CanopyLAB, but I will also get to take a course on Entrepreneurial Business Planning at Copenhagen Business School (CBS).


Previous work experiences

Before CanopyLAB, I had previously worked on some freelance projects and done a 1-month internship at another startup in Singapore.

For my first freelance project, I worked on designing prototypes for a mobile application called Bind.ly, and for my second project, I worked with a friend on developing an e-commerce website for Sunday Roast, which can be found here! https://sundayroast.sg

As for my 1-month internship, I was a digital marketing intern in HighSpark (previously SlideComet), a presentation design agency, where I managed their social media platform and helped to create a content marketing strategy for their ‘Slideshare Marketing’ e-book campaign. During my internship, I learned many tips and tricks of content marketing from the founder herself, and it was a great experience!


Interests and experience

With my interest in design, technology, and entrepreneurship, I tend to be rather active in the communities back in Singapore. Some examples include having volunteered for conferences; such as UXSG and TechInAsia, and attended several hackathons and startathons to meet new people and learn new things.

I am also part of the Microsoft Student Partner program in Singapore for 3 years, and have conducted workshops for the student community on how to leverage Microsoft technology.

Back at SMU, I am part of the Whitehat Society, a special interest group set up to spread awareness of the importance of information security throughout the whole campus. As the marketing director of the club, I helped establish its identity through a rebranding and help promote cybersecurity initiatives to the SMU student body. I also conducted a workshop for 50 students in August 2016 on how to create a professional website using WordPress and prevent basic security exploits.


Where is Singapore?

After having shared so much about myself, let me share a little bit about where Singapore is. As seen in the world map below, Singapore is a tiny little country in the South East Asia Region, where we experience summer all year round, which is such a contrast to Denmark.

Although it’s a tiny country of only 52 years old, Singapore is considered in Asia as the city with the best quality of living. Our national language in Singapore is Malay, but our main spoken language is English. Singapore is also a country with many diverse ethnicities, with the 4 main ethnicities in our country being: Chinese, Malay, Indians, and Eurasians (Individuals of mixed European and Asian descent). It is a rather fascinating country especially to foreigners, as Singapore is known for banning chewing gum and being a ‘fine’ city, as seen in the photo below of a sign in the metro stations.


Wrapping it up

To end it all of, I’d like to thank Kim, Christian, and Sahra from CanopyLAB for giving Aloysius and me a great opportunity to do an internship in such a beautiful country, and I’m hoping to have a fruitful and fun time here!