How do I build an amazing pre-boarding experience for my new hires?


Congratulations on finding that perfect hire for your company ! Now you enter a phase where you are ready to build a relationship, get them up to speed with their responsibilities and become a part of the company culture.

Pre-boarding experiences are ideally designed and administered online through a learning experience system, because your new hire still has another job. It is a task for your HR-, learning- or elearning consultants and it should not take more than a few days to put together. We have compiled a list of tips with what to do in order to build an amazing pre-boarding experience for your new hire.

1. After your new hire has signed their employment contract, invite them to join your company’s learning experience system and a pre-boarding course.

2. Get all the formalities in order during the pre-boarding experience. Such as:

a. Informing the new hire of their start date, time and where to meet their contact person during that first day.

b. Provide context around what will happen the first days or weeks.

c. Share the employee handbook and other important information about the company mission, vision and value.

3. It is important that you ensure all legal documentation is signed before you enroll a new hire in your pre-boarding program, so check up on your employment contract, non-disclosure agreement and other contracts your company may use.

4. During their pre-boarding course, you should assign your new hire with a buddy in the company that they can reach out to or grab a coffee with, if they feel like it. Make sure that buddy is the same contact person or buddy they have after they start.

5. We recommend that you keep the pre-boarding experience light, experiment with video and give the new hire a sense of what the company  is like or showcase a day at the office via videoclips.

6. The point of a pre-boarding experience is to get the new hire excited and establish a strong bond from the start of the new relationship, not to overwhelm them. After all, with soaring employee churn, you cannot start investing in your relationship with your new hire too soon.

If you need any advice on how to put together a employee pre-boarding experience, do not hesitate to reach out to us.