Social structure

On our platform every learner has a personal profile and a feed. You can follow others and they can follow you. Why? Because you are a part of a learning community at work. Your digital learning experience should also be social and collaborative - learning is just more fun that way! We have built the entire learning platform on top of a social media infrastructure with a design similar to the major social media platforms you already use.

You know how it works

To encourage reflection and dialogue you can post, comment and discuss in the news feed and even send direct messages to one or many of those you follow. Just like you are used to on other social media sites.

Earn tags

To make the experience even more recognizable we created a tag structure. All Spaces has unique combination of knowledge, competence and exercise for an easy overview of what you can expect and learn in the learning Spaces. The tags are also shown in your user profile to showcase progress in terms of knowledge and competencies.

What are you waiting for?