How to launch a thriving virtual learning community

- using a Learning Experience Platform

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Important topics covered in this guide

What is a Virtual Learning Community (VLC)?

5 CanopyLAB recommendations to build your own VLC

5 Key features that build the foundation for a thriving Virtual Learning Community

A Virtual Learning Community (VLC) is a community where people with a shared learning goal use technology to learn, collaborate and communicate. In other words, it’s a virtual learning space like a classroom, a school, a learning department at a company, or a community center.

Imagine any space you rely on for learning – it’s like a digital twin or copy of that space. VLCs enable us to overcome the government’s restrictions by allowing learners to participate in learning activities online regardless of their physical location and whether learning institutions have closed down their physical location.

After reading this guide, you will be able to:

  • Identify your learning community’s needs.
  • Promote a culture of collaboration, communication, and engagement.
  • Encourage sharing and peer learning.
  • Pick the right platform.

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