Learn how 5 edtechs leverage GenerativeAI

How is the edtech industry leveraging artificial intelligence and generative AI in particular? We have put together this list that provides you with a snapshot into the usage of GenAI in five of your favorite edtechs.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a popular language learning platform that employs AI and machine learning techniques to create personalized language courses. It utilizes generative AI to generate exercises, quizzes, and interactive lessons for learners, adapting to their performance and providing targeted feedback and recommendations.


2. Sana Labs:

Sana Labs focuses on personalized learning solutions through AI-driven technologies. Their platform uses generative AI algorithms to analyze individual learner data, identify knowledge gaps, and generate customized learning paths. Sana Labs aims to optimize learning experiences and improve student outcomes by tailoring content and assessments to each learner’s needs.


3. TutorAI (Powered by Yixue Education):

TutorAI, powered by Yixue Education, is an AI-driven tutoring platform. It utilizes generative AI techniques to provide personalized tutoring experiences to students. The platform employs machine learning algorithms to analyze student performance data and generate tailored lessons, exercises, and feedback to enhance learning outcomes.


4. NOLEJ (Previously Examus):

NOLEJ, formerly known as Examus, is an AI-powered proctoring and assessment platform. It leverages generative AI to monitor and proctor online exams, ensuring academic integrity. NOLEJ’s AI algorithms analyze student behavior, audio, and video data to detect suspicious activities during exams, providing a secure and fair assessment environment.


5. CanopyLAB

CanopyLAB is an adaptive learning platform that combines social learning with AI technology. One of the key components of CanopyLAB’s platform is AICATO (Artificial Intelligence Course Authoring Tool), which utilizes generative AI to automate course creation. AICATO also generates interactive and engaging learning content, including multimedia resources, quizzes, discussions, and activities.


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