Learning on a budget: Getting started with one of our three SaaS plans.

Learning no longer has to be bound to four walls and physical preference. Now you can make the most of the inherent benefits of technology to create effective learning experiences at a low price. Things like AI intelligence, adaptive learning, and social learning strategies are no longer things you dream of. We know that it can be tricky to implement fun and personalized upskilling and onboarding programs within your budget. However, what would you say if I tell you that for the same price, you can buy a Cuisinart air fryer or a cozy luxurious bathrobe (99$) you can have access to adaptive, intelligent, and social learning experiences? That’s right. We are offering you the Tesla of education for the price of a Fiat Siena, so do not let prices be a limit to exploit all benefits of employee training and development. Keep reading to learn all about our three SaaS plans and the benefits of virtual training and onboarding programs.

Benefits of Virtual Training and Onboarding Programs
In other opportunities, we have talked about the advantages of Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) and how LXPs leverage artificial intelligence (AI), but before we dive into our accessible SaaS plans, let’s take a look at the benefits that implementing virtual training and onboarding programs have for your company:

AI Authoring Tools: This is going to become, by far, HR’s best friend. All those long hours coming up with new exercises, targets, etc., are now a thing of the past thanks to AI Authoring Tools, just like AICATO at CanopyLAB, which allows HR associates to upload all the materials and, in a matter of seconds, creates learning targets, unit descriptions, and fun exercises from our more than 55+ options. In this way, your team can focus on recruiting the best possible candidates instead of spending time updating boring manuals and recycling the same activities time and time again.

Increased Employee Motivation: AI allows for tailored learning experiences, making the entire process much more engaging and fun for your employees. Moreover, AI can adapt to the learners’ training preferences, boosting training completion and understanding of company policies, expected outcomes, metrics, etc.

24/7 Access From Anywhere in the World: Do you have employees who work remotely? Are you expanding your organization to different cities and countries? Don’t let onboarding and upskilling training stop you from getting the best possible talent from anywhere in the world. Online training allows your team to access courses anytime, anywhere, and pretty much from any device.

Cost-Effective: Forget all about transportation costs, constant hire of experts or external consultants, catering, venues, stationery, you name it! Thanks to AI-powered LXPs, you can cut all those costs from your budget and focus on what really matters, content, and creating meaningful learning experiences that prepare your employees to achieve your organization’s goals.

Show me the analytics! How effective was the course? Did all my employees understand the materials? Was the course engaging enough? In the past, it could take hours to gather enough data to figure out the answers to these and other questions, but now HR can access completion rates, assessment rates, how long it took for your employees to complete the course, and much more quickly and easily at your LXP.


How can CanopyLAB be the solution to onboarding and upskilling within a budget?
We have talked about a few advantages of using AI-powered LXPs in your onboarding and upskilling programs. I know what you are thinking right now: all of that and more? It must cost a fortune! Not at CanopyLAB. Our plans have been designed to fit your needs and budget while we deliver state-of-the-art technology.

While some of our competitors do not allow you to use the full extent of their functions in their budget-friendly plans, we want to make sure you have full access to the power of intelligent, adaptive, and social learning. In fact, more than a provider, we want to be an enabler and offer you all the tools your organization and team need to succeed, and when you grow, we can grow with you.


Pricing Options at CanopyLAB

Essential: (0-100 users) Our Essential option has been created for smaller groups and businesses eager to get started right away or who require digital learning for a limited period of time. And what is the best part? It is only 99 USD per month.

Advanced: (101-250 users) This option includes everything you need to successfully create and use eLearning within your business or educational institution sprinkled with adaptive learning and features built on artificial intelligence to help HR and teachers excel. You can get started with this option today for only 199 USD per month.

Enterprise: (Unlimited Users) Steer safely through your digital transformation with hands-on support, unlimited users, and storage. Our dedicated team helps put together the best solution for you. We want to make your learning experience as tailored and budget-friendly as possible, so to get a quote for the Enterprise option, please contact our sales team.

Pricing plans

Our mission at CanopyLAB is to bring high-quality education to every single corner of the world, and in this way, help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #4 (Quality Education) with a cost-effective AI-powered platform and with a customer experience unlike any other in the market. Now you don’t have the budget excuse to train your employees effectively using an adaptive, learning, and intelligent platform, go ahead and try it out today.


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