Our 5 most popular courses for teachers in 2021 and how to access them for free

Ready to dive into our catalog of courses but hesitant about which one you should take first? Don’t sweat it! Today we bring you the list of the five most popular courses among our more than 100,000 teachers, which you can access for free right now.

1. An Introduction to 21st Century Skills (Basic level)

The world is changing faster than we can anticipate, and advancements in technology are revolutionizing the future of work. That’s why we created this course to explore the 21st-century skills that your students need so they are prepared for the job market out there. These include: Learning Skills (The 4C’s), Literacy Skills, and Life Skills!

2. Basic Concepts in Remote Teaching

If it is your first time teaching remotely, you may be feeling a bit confused by which methodology to choose, the best tools to make your classes a success, and which platform to use. There is so much information available on this topic that it is no wonder that just the thought of it makes you dizzy. However, we have curated the best materials in this course and compiled our favorite strategies and tools so you can set up your virtual classroom and start your online lessons with the right foot.

The best part is that whether you continue teaching online or go back to a classroom, you can take plenty of these tools with you regardless of the setting and make your classes much more engaging and fun!


3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education

Is AI going to replace teachers? The short answer is no. However, we can’t deny that technology is changing every aspect of our lives, including how we learn and teach. Hence, instead of fighting change, it is important to embrace new technologies and discover the many possibilities they can bring to the classrooms. Don’t worry if you don’t have any technical background. This course takes you from the very basics until you feel comfortable enough to include some of these tools in your classes. Ready to take the leap?


4. Building Resilience in your Classroom

The world doesn’t stop. It doesn’t wait for anybody, which means every day we have to face new changes. Some of these may take us by surprise and shake us to our cores. Nonetheless, the more prepared you are to accept and adapt to the curve balls life throws at you, the more opportunities you will have to grow, learn, and succeed. That ability to adapt has a name: Resilience. And here is the best part, this is a skill you can learn and teach to your students. Delve into the top strategies you can use to cultivate this skill in yourself and your students in this course.


5. Creating effective visual content for remote teaching (Intermediate level)

Fighting with Tik-Tok and Instagram reels to catch your students’ attention may be getting more difficult and frustrating every day. Although Tik-Tok dances appear more fun at first glance than a history or algebra lesson, it is in your hands to captivate your students using eye-catching content you can create using different digital tools. Explore how to create infographics, mind maps, and presentations that will leave your students asking for more with the fun resources and exercises available in this course.

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