Our predictions for 2020: Trends in Corporate Learning

CanopyLAB shares our top 6 predictions that will dominate the corporate learning world in 2020.

Adaptive learning
This trend is already revolutionizing learning as we know it by enabling individualised, personalized and non-linear learning paths that fit the needs of every individual employee. In 2020, we expect to see the perfection and optimization of adaptive learning enabling the curation of individual learning tracks in real time. We expect to see more evidence of the impact, scalability and positive Return on Investment (ROI) of how Learning Management Systems (LMS) that provide adaptive learning have increased efficiency and engagement within corporate learning programs. For more on adaptive learning read on here.


Increasing use of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
There have been loads of advances in features that support learners on LMS systems like chatbots, curation of materials or more varied activities, BUT the experience of HR managers creating these digital training experiences is extremely valuable. Increasing use of NLP in 2020 is driven by the demands of HR managers and corporate learning directors for a platform that enables simple and intuitive ways to create courses. At CanopyLAB, a couple of features that has turned our social learning platform into HR’s best friend is based on NLP integrations. From the automatic tagging of course content to the recommendation of exercises, read more about the enormous potential of NLP in learning here.


Advanced analytics
Integrating AI features though adaptive learning or NLP generates and incredible about of rich user data that can be used to optimize corporate training programs. The ability to collect, track and analyze learner analytics provides and overview of the progress and development of each individual employee. Advanced analytics is the key to evaluate the success and impact of company-wide programs, something that HR managers are in desperate need of when it comes to investing money into the best learning solution.


Social features
Let’s face it, going through a training program or online course often feels like a solo-journey resulting in low retention rates and minimal employee engagement. Anchoring social features in corporate learning facilitates communication and feedback loops between HR managers and employees. Furthermore, they allow employees to practice 21st century skills needed for success in all future workplaces like collaboration, leadership and social emotional intelligence. At CanopyLAB we’ve designed a simple and social platform for digital learning experiences; read more about it here.


Increasing personalization
If Spotify and Netflix can curate your online recreational experience, corporate learning should also be tailored to the individual employee. Increasing personalisation goes hand in hand with adaptive learning Essentially, tools such as quizzes are used to measure what the employee already understands, what employees can understand with support and what they do not understand. Based on this, the materials and exercises are curated for each employee, assessing gaps in their knowledge and finding the most efficient way for competency growth and development.


Ecosystems around platforms
We’ve already mentioned that the one-size-fit all model that has once defined online learning paths is a thing of the past. Same goes for corporate learning solutions- in order to meet the specific needs of an organization’s training program, we are seeing more networks of platforms with different digital solutions. In the case of CanopyLAB, we’ve formed an ecosystem with Yopublico, a digital publishing company and uDocz, an eReader provider, that can be added to our AI-powered social learning platform to meet the demands of clients like major universities in Latin America. This year we will see a shift of corporate learning to the center of an intricate ecosystem of various platform providers.


At CanopyLAB we designed a simple and social platform for digital learning experiences.