About CanopyLAB

CanopyLAB is a Danish EdTech company founded in Copenhagen in 2015. Our vision to change the way we learn was conceptualized based on CEO Sahra-Josephine Hjorth's Ph.D. research at Aalborg University, focusing on virtual learning environments, social media, and empowerment through learning. She quickly teamed up with Christian Skræm Juul Jensen, who executed on the research and vision and built a new and fundamentally different digital learning platform.

Today, CanopyLAB is pioneering the future of learning by combining strong Nordic learning principles with adaptive learning and a social network structure. The platform is optimized using Artificial Intelligence so that you do not have to be a learning expert to create amazing courses.

CanopyLAB is a commercial entity, but the social impact and working with SDG #4 is at the core of why Sahra-Josephine and Christian founded CanopyLAB.

CanopyLAB introduces new engaging and collaborative learning methods to meet the 21st-century skills gap. Based on one platform, CanopyLAB offers both white label solutions for educational institutions and organizations as well as a free, global learning solution for leading NGOs focusing on Climate Action & Sustainability, the SDGs, Health, Sexual & Reproductive Rights, Entrepreneurship and Democracy.

Pioneering the future of learning
- The people behind CanopyLAB

Office in Denmark

Sahra-Josephine Hjorth

CEO, Investment inquiries

Christian Skræm Juul Jensen

CTO, Technical enquiries

Esben Trier

COO, Sales, partnerships & press enquiries

Lise Andersen-Alstrup

CLO, Learning inquiries

Office in Peru

Giancarlo Mena

VP LATAM, Investment inquiries

Erika Paredes

Head of Partnerships LATAM, Partnership inquiries

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