Recognizing CanopyLAB’s Volunteer Ambassadors

On March 15th, CanopyLAB launched a global ambassador program to spearhead free access to online learning in their communities as a result of COVID-19.

We are thrilled to say that we have received 125+ applications from 25 different countries from all over the world by featuring 13 CanopyLAB ambassadors, so you can get to know more about them and what fuels their passion to take action during COVID-19. They have helped us get in touch with local educational institutions, spread awareness about the importance of online learning, and have also become role models for other students on our free and open learning platform the LAB.

On behalf of the entire CanopyLAB Team, Thank you.


I am a graduate student majoring in Translation Studies at China University of Geosciences. I joined CanopyLAB to help students get access to digital education in the pandemic era. I believe that every one of us could do something for a better world!

Henry Song
Wuhan, China


Presently, I’m a high school student, who is extremely partial to do diverse voluntary jobs. Being obtained an opportunity to assist people is my pleasure as well as a great experience. The happiness of other inhabitants does stimulate myself to volunteer more. Why not make a difference and benefit the lives of others?

Dinh Thuy Nhat Vy
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


I´m a psychologist interested in developing learning projects using technology. I enjoy talking about entrepreneurship, employability and the future of work. Currently, I’m working as a human resources consultant giving services in selection, development, and training.

Ingrid Puente
Lima, Peru


I’m a sophomore majoring in English in Shandong University. I learned the information about CanopyLAB on wechat and I got to know that it is an educational technology company that offers online courses in various fields. I’m very interested in English teaching and I want to further my future study in the education field, so I think it will be a great opportunity for me to learn and get some experience. I appreciate the opportunity, I thought it was meaningful!

Yinzhu Jin
Kunming, China


I am Caleigh, a Cuban-American studying at Johns Hopkins University. I have a strong interest in Public Health while also planning to pursue medicine to hopefully become a future pediatrician! I was inspired to join the program because I admire the platform’s concept of interconnectedness and increasing accessibility of education throughout the world.

Caleigh Fleites
Baltimore, USA


I am a doctor by profession and graduated from MAHSA University, Malaysia. I have a great passion for service and volunteering and have volunteered in numerous public health camps that are deeply associated with health promotion and disease prevention. I am also passionate about inclusive education, especially education that prepares the young for the 21st century. There are many ways to obtain education with the evolution of technology which has inspired me to join CanopyLAB. Currently, I am pursuing my Masters in Business Administration (Hospital Management) to further enhance my growth in the healthcare sector.

Tishan Gunasegaran
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I am an English major in China. I believe CanopyLAB provides a great platform for students to learn more and enjoy the precious education resources all over the world. Based on that, I want to let more people know it combined with my language capacity.

Priya Radhakrishnan
Snellville, GA, USA


I’m a Ph.D. student from Peking University. I’ve been focusing on improving “Quality Education” for years as an AIESEC member. As China was the first country to employ “lockdown” measures for COVID-19 prevention, I quickly realized that online educational resources provided by CanopyLAB will benefit us a lot! I’m glad to join this amazing program!

Detian Hu
Beijing, China


I am an English teacher and hold two MA degrees in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. I am also conducting research on the correlation between FLL and cognition and social wellbeing for older adult learners. For me learning is a never-ending journey, I am happy to be a part of it. This exact reason is why I was interested in the CanopyLAB Volunteer Ambassador Program. I discovered it is an extremely useful tool to continue gaining and providing knowledge during these hard times of isolation due to COVID-19 pandemic. The LAB especially includes numerous courses, which I can use in my own online lessons, as well. Hence, I found myself being both a teacher and a student and managing to keep education on track while staying safe at home. It is very enjoyable and I highly recommend it to teachers and students alike.

Stella Thomaidou
Thessaloniki, Greece


I’m currently a junior university student majoring in English translation. I love interpreting and translation which explains why my ideal orientation is to be an interpreter and translator in the future. When it comes to why I joined this program, what inspired me most will be my passion for teaching and education. I figure that associating technology with education is and will be the most constructive for kids or whoever desires knowledge in the world.

Samantha Wu Wanrong
Zhuhai, China


One day I was sitting on my bed as I watched the number of cases soar. I wanted to help out in some way during this pandemic. I wanted to help people understand the correct way of staying healthy and safe during this difficult time. I searched for volunteering opportunities in which I can either help tutor or help others learn about interesting topics during this time. That’s when I came across CanopyLAB. I read a little bit about the program and then signed up to become an ambassador and since then I have loved the environment CanopyLAB has and their passion for helping others during the COVID-19.

Vishnupriya Radhakrishnan
Snellville, GA, USA


I am a student at Multimedia University of Kenya, pursuing Bsc. Applied Physics and Computer Science. I am also co-founder and CEO Dream Rise Foundation, whose aim is to Inspire, Empower and Transform the lives of the vulnerable children and youth in Africa through transformative mentorship, servant leadership and impactful empowerment projects and programs. What motivated me as a leader within my organization to volunteer as an Ambassador to reach out to many other institutions who could as well benefit from the diverse and detailed courses offered by the program.

Mwenda Royford Mutegi
Nairobi, Kenya


I am an English major in China. I believe CanopyLAB provides a great platform for students to learn more and enjoy the precious education resources all over the world. Based on that, I want to let more people know it combined with my language capacity.

Yan Zong
Beijing, China