Remote Training Trends and the Future of the Workplace

Date: April 27th
Time: 11:00 CST | 18:00 CET

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Important topics covered in this panel discussion:

Challenges of remote work and perspectives on the future of the workplace

Diversity and inclusion in the remote workplace

Recruitment trends in 2021/2022

The past year has put every organization’s adaptability to the test. From mass layoffs, to sudden shifts to remote work and the near-complete closure of non-essential businesses, the value of organizational agility and digital transformation has become evident.

As well as being critical to the success of business, these qualities should be extended into the field of talent
management. The future workplace is being shaped by the continuous disruption we are undergoing and organizations must nurture specific mindsets and skills that enable them to operate, grow and evolve in this landscape.

In this panel discussion, we will be joined by Sahra-Josephine Hjorth (CEO at CanopyLAB), Marty Belle (Orgshaker at Orgshakers) and Andrei Kurtuy (Co-founder at Novorésumé) who will explore the future of the workplace and the remote training trends that we are going to see in 2021/2022 from a perspective of cultural transformation, recruitment and talent management.

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Marty Belle

Orgshaker at Orgshakers

Marty G. Belle joined OrgShakers, LTD in November 2020 bringing extensive experience in Strategic Human Resource Management to help businesses shape their organizations to be both focused and nimble to achieve short-term performance as well as long-term organizational health. Marty comes to OrgShakers after having spent the last 7 years at W.W. Grainger, Inc. as Global Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Inclusion and Diversity and Team Member Experience.

Andrei Kurtuy

CCO and Co-founder at Novorésumé

Andrei is the CCO and one of the co-founders at Novorésumé. His focus on content management and research within the HR industry trends and standards gives him great insights into the job-searching process and the future of the workplace. He is here to bring Reassurance and Optimism to your career!

Sahra-Josephine Hjorth

CEO and Co-founder at CanopyLAB

Sahra-Josephine Hjorth is an expert on converging technologies and how these are applied in learning contexts to design social and adaptive learning experiences, focusing especially on AI, NLP and ML. Sahra-Josephine has spent the past five years creating digital learning experiments with groundbreaking results. She coined the term “Virtual Immersion Program” and built a pedagogical model for digital learning. In addition to co-founding CanopyLAB, Sahra-Josephine is Faculty at Singularity University, and a Board member at the Confederation of Danish Industry. She recently submitted her Ph.D. thesis in digital learning.

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