Say Hi to Kitija



It is never too late to learn 🙂

Hello, my name is Kitija and I am SOOOO excited to start my internship at CanopyLAB.

I am currently a master student in Social Science in Service Management at Copenhagen Business School. Before this, I graduated with a bachelor degree in Digital Concept Development at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology.

My first touchpoint with CanopyLAB was at CBS Entrepreneurial Days where I stumbled upon their stand, met Kim Lindgaard Jørgensen the Head of Business Development and learned about their social and interactive learning platform. They were looking for interns, which was a perfect opportunity for me as I really want to work in the eLearning industry.

My interest in eLearning started when I was as a student assistant and intern at Ida Institute which is an independent, non-profit organisation working to integrate person-centered care in hearing rehabilitation. They had just started to create modules for their newly established eLearning virtual platform, and I had the chance to work with video and graphic content for one of their tools. It was very exciting to work on the gamification elements, features and functions, and content that could help learners gain the most engaging and motivational learning experience.

CanopyLAB seems a great place to apply my learning at Ida Institute to developing their adaptive learning approach based on different learning styles. I really hope that my contribution will help CanopyLAB grow even bigger and become a global success.