Set practical goals and accomplish them with an intention journal

Reading more books, learning a new language, mastering a new skill, or playing a musical instrument. These are examples of goals you may have set for yourself at one point or another, only to give up when it gets hard, or you lose control of your process. To avoid the moment when all your hopes and expectations for that new skill come crashing down like a house of cards, the best thing you can do is to have an intention journal.

What is an intention journal?

Intention journals are a tool to help learners articulate goals and create a pathway to achieving them. The focus of intentional journals is positive, i.e., I want to master a new digital skill rather than just sit on the couch and watch tv all day.


Intention journals are a tool to help learners articulate goals and create a pathway to achieving them.


The power behind intention journals is that by answering a few simple questions, we stop daydreaming and create a plan that can be put into action to achieve anything we want to do.


Intention journals are a crucial part of learning processes, as they encourage learners to become more autonomous and take a critical look at the steps they are taking to accomplish what they set out to do.


How do I use intention journals?

We understand the importance of offering an enriching set of tools that promote unique learning experiences. However, we don’t want to give you more work or stress you out trying to find the right prompts or questions for your intention journal. Because of this, we have created a great template that instructs learners to set their intentions for the day and list the steps they will take to accomplish them. Encourage your learners to be more aware of their learning process and bring it into their own hands with this exercise without worrying about doing the heavy lifting.


At CanopyLAB, we are pushing the boundaries of traditional education. We want you to learn from high-quality content and get the tools you need to accomplish your goals and achieve your full potential, and these new journals are a science-backed way of having a more mindful approach to your education so that you can achieve your goals.


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