TeacherLAB is a free interactive learning platform exclusively for teachers by teachers. Through TeacherLAB you will have access to 40 + courses designed to empower you to master new digital tools, online pedagogy, and relationships with students and parents, with the support of a global network of teachers. The courses on TeacherLAB are divided into 10 series: Introduction to remote teaching, Mastering new tools, Inspiring student engagement, Analytics, assessment, and grading, Digital literacy & the future of skills, New and emerging technologies, Methodology, pedagogy, and skills, The future of school and learning, Data, security, and basic legal insights and Advocacy & Agency. In this blog post, we focus on the awesomeness of the “Mastering new tools” series.


Due to COVID-19, teachers have transitioned to remote teaching very quickly. Most schools closed and sent teachers and students home with a few instructions and perhaps a few ideas on how to manage remote teaching, but not a lot of concrete tools.

Having transitioned from being a teacher at an all girls-school in Bogota Colombia just a few months ago to working on the conceptualization of courses for TeacherLAB, I know firsthand how chaotic and scary this period has been. I’ve personally had to research and start using a lot of new tools for my digital teaching with very little help. Luckily, more and more communities where teachers support teachers are emerging and TeacherLAB is one of them. There are also other resources out there. I quickly found a Facebook group called “Pandemic Pedagogy” where more than 31.000 teachers actively give one another advice.

Stepping away from teaching and into my position as Head of Partnerships and Digital Learning at CanopyLAB, I have personally been very invested in the conceptualization of the course series “Mastering new tools” and hope it will expand the toolbox of my fellow teachers.


Why work with new tools?

Putting together an amazing study and course framework with the use of digital tools has a direct impact on the success of your students. When COVID first hit us in Bogota, I would simply send work guides out for my students to work on independently. This did not work well- the essence of our classes, the feeling of learning together, and the ability to help one another out was lost! This is why, I as teachers, realized I had to step up and revisit my digital toolbox.

When COVID first hit us in Bogota, I would simply send work guides out for my students to work on independently. This did not work well- the essence of our classes, the feeling of learning together, and the ability to help one another out was lost!


“Mastering new tools” is a course made by teachers for teachers at all levels. It ranges from basic introductions to new vocabulary to an introduction to advanced technological tools. The idea is that teachers can have a broad knowledge of ways to deliver content, interact with students, and provide feedback through our microlearning course.


“Mastering with new tools”, includes the following courses:


  • “Basic Concepts in Remote Teaching”,
  • “How can I begin teaching remotely” and
  • “How to communicate with students through Remote Learning”.


These three courses include easy to read articles and short videos designed to meet teachers’ most urgent needs with a limited time commitment from teachers, who are already incredibly busy. The courses are designed both for teachers teaching strictly online, and those transitioning back to also have o Face-to-Face classes. Focusing on topics such as increasing student engagement in the classroom. 


Times are changing, and I think that I used to view technology as an enemy competing with me for my student’s attention. Now I realize that it can become our biggest ally!


So join a learning community designed especially for teachers that will allow you to save time, have more engaging classes, and share your experiences with other teachers who are in experiencing a similar situation right now. Create your profile and choose the courses that best suit your needs!


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