The heart of the learning experiences: Spaces not courses

We consider ourselves the first to marry the two concepts; a social network- and a learning platform integrated into one architecture resulting in a transformative learning experience.

Enrolling in an online course on platforms such as edX or Coursera is the onset of a standardized, linear learning experience, modeled on the Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) approach to learning. Learning is a lonely experience, you don’t meet any of the others students and everyone has one uniform learning experience. When we designed our corporate learning software, we tapped into trends we see in other industries, in order to create an architecture for a new type of learning. At the heart of our learning experience is the learning space. Just like when we design modern hotels where the lobbies, courtyards, and restaurants are at the center of the contemporary hotel experience, spaces are now at the center of the learning experience we have designed for the modern learner.


What do we mean by ‘spaces’?

Logging into the CanopyLAB platform means entering a learning space that allows you to collaborate and co-create knowledge. Spaces¹ refer to the online environment where users take ownership of their learning by choosing which courses to take and interacting with others on the CanopyLAB platform.

A learning space consists of:

    • A course page and description
    • Learning materials such as videos, podcasts, articles etc.
    • Exercises that encourage personal reflection
    • A newsfeed and a wall where you can engage with the other learners and take part in open discussions and debates
    • Connect with, message and follow influencers and other learners
    • Receiving feedback from instructors and peers

It’s not semantics. It makes a difference whether you care creating a course creator, a course page or a learning space. We are looking forward to adding more features to our learning spaces, such as a baseline test and adaptive quizzes during the second quarter of 2019. Stay tuned for more feature updates.


¹ The virtual learning space where students exchange knowledge and expertise using the virtual classroom.Here individual performance and team success gives rise to collective synergies that further enable learners to exceed their personal potential.


At CanopyLAB we designed a simple and social platform for digital learning experiences.