The internal pre-boarding checklist

The past few weeks we have been focusing on the advantages of creating a pre-boarding experience, and how to strike the perfect balance between engaging new hires and overwhelming them before they even start.

Pre-boarding programs are a light, optional and fun and should not take your HR-, learning- or elearning consultant more than a few days to build using a learning experience system.

Below we have shared our internal pre-boarding checklist, outlining what could be included in a program and how to involve your current employees in the process. We hope it will help you make your program even faster.

  • Welcome video from the CEO
  • Introduction to mission, vision, values
  • Video outlining a day at the office
  • Video where the new hire gets to “meet” some of his or her future colleagues. There can be different takes on this video, one version we enjoy is where current employees pass on tips and tricks related to how to do well at the company
  • Access to the employee handbook, NDAs and other standard documentation the new hires have signed
  • A schedule outlining what will happen the first days or weeks at the company
  • A way to contact your buddy or contact person at the company

In our experience, using a learning experience system that has a lot of social media functionalities is ideal, enabling cohorts to new hires to communicate and get to know one another in advance of their first day.

Got any suggestions as to what to add to the list? Don’t hesitate to reach out!