Welcome Back To Trang

Hi there 🙂

I’m Trang, the new-but-old addition to CanopyLAB. That is because I was here before in early 2016, then an intern.

I was born in Hanoi, Vietnam and here I spent 12 years climbing up the education ladder from elementary to highschool. In Vietnam there is only one curriculum. What you learn is already decided, written and published for you. I did not have much problem digesting these pre-packaged lessons, and I never questioned them.  As for those of my peers who struggled, they were all told to try harder. Study longer, go to cram centers, pay for private tutoring. It was a simple logic: if you fail, that is because you are not smart and you are lazy.

But even for someone like me who survived the education system without many scars, things were not rosy. As soon as I started university, I realized hardly anything I learnt were relevant to my higher education and the job market. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense. How could a static curriculum for 12 years prepare me for a constantly changing world?

I started from scratch, contemplating and deciding for myself what I wanted to learn. So were my friends, and many of those who were “bad” students with low grades now start to thrive as aspiring journalists and athletes, TV producers and painters. Much as I am happy for them, I could not help but thinking: How much time have they wasted trying to figure out advanced algebra instead of honing their natural talents?

I am now taking revenge on traditional education. I am getting back at unrevised textbooks and a teaching apparatus that does not ask what students want to learn and recognize their many wonderful and diverse talents. And I want to do so by helping build an alternative learning environment – a platform that enables people to learn in their own best way. That is why I have returned to Denmark and joined CanopyLAB as a full time eLearning Designer.

If you want to know where I have been between Vietnam and Denmark and what I am up to now at CanopyLAB, follow my Linkedin here 🙂