Say goodbye to boring eLearning platforms

It shouldn’t be complicated to join a class or course on an online platform. If the environment looks familiar you are more likely to jump in and join the game. You don’t get a good start if the host is missing and it’s hard to find your table (or spot). Quite basic actually - it all comes down to a demand for less friction and more freedom. Never the other way around.

Stop using emails and boring LMS platforms, start being social and collaborative.

Turn your corporate strategies into learning experiences

When you want to achieve your business goals you need the right people in right positions and teams. That is not always possible why you need to connect specific employees with specific skills and competencies.

Organizations, digitization and the way we work have changed dramatically the recent years alongside behavioral changes with born digital generations that expect corporations to be the same.

This why we believe we need to change way we learn and we designed a simple and social platform for learning.

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