You don’t have to cancel extracurricular activities due to COVID-19.

Before COVID-19, El Caballito de Palermo, a multidisciplinary civil society organization in Buenos Aires, Argentina dedicated to supporting the development of children’s cognitive and emotional competencies based on the game of chess successfully held classes where ten teachers and 50+ partners taught 1,000 students chess over one year.

But the global pandemic put a sudden stop to their activities and their ambition for students to develop thinking competencies including concentration, memory, alternative thinking, and logical and mathematical planning. Needless to say, they were unhappy, and so were their students.


After searching for a solution to bring chess online, they found out that CanopyLAB has successfully helped bring many schools and universities online, both their official programs but certainly also extracurricular or after-school activities. After entering a partnership, El Caballito de Palermo has increased their reach and can train many teachers through digital chess classes.


Over the past four months, El Caballito de Palermo has expanded its footprint in the world of innovative education, sharing its chess methodologies, resources, and experience through a variety of courses explicitly catered to audiences beyond teachers. Their course offerings include courses designed for mothers, fathers, and any other person interested in learning and teaching chess.


User feedback is essential for Caballito, as they see the course creation as a developmental constraint process where their users play a vital role in the growth of their organization. Other goals include promoting creativity, innovation, and teamwork. The biggest challenge is to translate in-person workshops to a virtual setting that facilitate competence development for children of all ages. Caballito wants to ensure that every student learns how to solve various problems, make difficult decisions, and understand how to confront the consequences of their choices. The results they want to generate are that students have space to push boundaries, work through frustration, and tolerate adversity.


CanopyLAB offers us a unique opportunity to expand our reach at the educational level and to train new teachers in using chess as a tool for cognitive development. We are extremely happy working alongside CanopyLAB because they provide excellent support and service for the use of their platform.
∼Diego López, Executive Director, El Caballito de Palermo


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