CanopyLAB will soon be back BIGGER and BETTER!

CanopyLAB is an educational technology company, which specializes in developing learning software and online communities for corporate training. We also run our own eLearning platform called  the LAB. In March, we’re launching a new version of the LAB and we begin offering white label solution for corporate training. Sign up below for more information.

Our story

CanopyLAB was founded in August 2015 by PhD, Sahra-Josephine Hjorth, and UX designer  Christian Skræm Juul Jensen. They first got the idea to create an engagement-based eLearning platform when based in Melbourne and they built the software while living in Bali and Copenhagen. So much has happened since then, and we’re super excited to show you our new eLearning experience.

White Label Solution

CanopyLAB now offers a white label solution for corporate training. Our software facilitates the creation of eLearning communities that, based on big data and advanced algorithms, enables companies to offer completely personalized and adaptive eLearning experiences to their employees, empowering them to accelerate their development, both professionally and personally.

Approach to learning

CanopyLAB’s software combines the best functionalities of a social network and a learning management system (LMS). It is the first ever eLearning platform to use an engagement-based model to create personalized and adaptive eLearning experiences. We have invented a groundbreaking and innovative tag-structure, which allows users to interact with each other and the learning material in different ways, making learning fun, engaging, and motivating, while it allows them to pursue their individual passions and career paths.


Sahra-Josephine Hjorth

Co-founder & CEO | CanopyLAB

Christian Skræm Juul Jensen

Co-founder & CTO | CanopyLAB


Christian Mærsk Mc-Kinney Olufsen

Founder and CEO at ADFECT. Former Head of Executive Office at the Danish Ministry of Defence. Member of the CanopyLAB board.

Joachim Majholm

Founder and CEO at Majholm Media Aps. Journalist, entrepreneur and investor based in San Francisco, USA.

Jens-Peter Poulsen

Consultant with 20+ years of experience in transforming people and organizational performance. Chairman of the CanopyLAB board.

Peter Skov Kragh Halling

Entrepreneur. Innovator. Mentor. Angel Investor. Hands-on experience in tech, media/publishing, marketing, games and travel.

Jørgen Balle Olesen

CEO and owner at Entrepreneur and businessman. MBA in Finance from Copenhagen Business School.

Laila Pawlak

Speaker. Singularity University Faculty. Co-founder DARE2, DARE2mansion, thinkubator & SingularityU Cph Chapter.

Kris Østergaard

Speaker. Writer. Researcher. Singularity University Faculty. Co-founder DARE2, DARE2mansion, thinkubator.

Eric Korre Horten

Lawyer, HD(R), Partner at Mazanti-Andersen Korsø Jensen AdvokatPartnerselskab. Member of the CanopyLAB board.

Contact us

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1463 Copenhagen
Tel. +45 26 17 66 13