CanopyLAB’s social and adaptive learning software is highlighted among Elearning Industry’s Top 20 LMS list based on Customer Experience. Coming in at a 19th place, a great rating for our first year on the list. Just last week CanopyLAB was listed as number 9 on Elearning Industry’s Top 20 LMS based on User Experience.

Elearning industry explains the following about the methodology behind the placements: “This Top 20 LMS list has been created using a holistic approach and is based on input from actual LMS users. The order of appearance depends on Customer Satisfaction (CSAT Score), Customer Effort (CEF Score) & Customer Expectation (CEX Score). You can also find LMS Customer Experience Resources that will help you choose the right software”.


In light of the COVID pandemic, we have quickly transitioned almost all of our customer interactions to virtual engagement. We have implemented several new chats and even an AI bot that helps build courses. All of that is a lot to accomplish in a year and it makes me proud to see that our customers support the direction we are going in

∼Esben Trier, COO at CanopyLAB.


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