The Future
of Learning.

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A bold promise made a reality through:

The Canopy: A social learning platform powered by AI

A Nordic research-based social elearning platform designed to enable the development of competencies. The adaptive quizzes and the built-in social network structure enhance social and collaborative learning, emphasizing personalizing the learning experience to meet the learner's individual needs.

The LAB: A learning community with thought-provoking content

Join our global learning community for youth. Take free courses, exchange ideas, gain new knowledge and practice competencies offered by 120+ pioneering NGOs in controversial and often neglected topics such as sexuality, sexual & reproductive rights, climate action, health, and the SDGs.

Based on three simple principles:

Building stronger learning networks

Research shows that social interaction engages and motivates people in the learning process. It also increases retention and improves the learning outcome. We simply learn more, better and more efficiently when we are able to communicate, collaborate and interact with others.

Developing future- proof skills

Set your learners up for success by developing skills for the future. Built on a strong Nordic approach to learning our platform makes it possible for learners to gain relevant knowledge and develop future-proof skills like creative thinking, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, communication and much more.

Cultivating individual growth


Learners are individuals and learn at an individual pace. With our adaptive learning platform, it is possible for learners to engage with the content at their individual pace, level, interests and learning preferences.


Pre-boarding & Onboarding


Trainee Programs


Compliance courses


Ongoing employee training


Networking groups


University Courses and Degrees

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