some of the partners that inspire us are:


​​At FemFoundrs we are building a community of women entrepreneurs and women in tech. We want to encourage, support and celebrate female founders, and show women that entrepreneurship and tech is for them too. We want to highlight the issues that women face on their entrepreneurial path, with the goal to eliminate the barriers that are holding women back.


Through an intercultural educational experience, we seek to empower young students in different parts of the world to become agents of change and ambassadors for the SDG's. All of this by providing intercultural educational experiences and entrepreneurial skills.

Homegirl Project

Homegirl Project provides girls of color with accessible political resources so that they're amplified, mentored, and prepared to lead change. In doing so, we disrupt harmful narratives around girls of color, foster intergenerational solidarity, and develop girls' capacity for long-term leadership.

Youth Mental Health Project

The Youth Mental Health Project is a nonprofit organization from the Philippines that aims to promote a better understanding of mental health for young people. They believe it is essential to involve communities and families in this process to impact youth development positively.

The Vulvarity Project

The Vulvarity Project is a Michigan-based nonprofit organization working to promote equitable reproductive health. They want young women to have a fair chance at sexual and reproductive wellbeing and autonomy. Furthermore, they demand comprehensive sex education that increases young women's knowledge and improves their attitudes related to sexual and reproductive health and behaviors.

My Menses

My Menses is an initiative born in London that works to empower young women while providing menstrual health education, feminine hygiene, well-being, social empowerment in low-income environments, and fighting against period poverty. They are working every day to provide sustainable solutions that allow hundreds of girls to educate themselves on this topic.

El Caballito de Palermo

Argentinian El Caballito de Palermo is a multidisciplinary civil society organization in Buenos Aires, dedicated to supporting the development of children’s cognitive and emotional competencies through chess. Seeing an opportunity to provide much-needed support for those students whose extracurricular and after-school activities were canceled, El Caballito de Palermo partnered with CanopyLAB to create a course on The LAB which teaches learners how to practice chess in order to develop their thinking competencies, including concentration, memory, alternative thinking, and logical and mathematical planning.

Taiwan NextGen Foundation

As the world changes rapidly the Taiwan NextGen Foundation is committed to policy research and talent cultivation. This partner follows the pulse of society and believes that a strong connection between government, academia, and industry, can usher in the reforms needed for the birth of a new era. With CanopyLAB Taiwan NextGen is focusing its first course on sustainable farming. The course will feature interviews with farmers from the south of Taiwan who have successfully integrated sustainability into their practices in order to impact farmers around the region and the world.

Mental Makeover

Mental Makeover is a community advocacy program committed to fighting stigma surrounding mental health and empowering young people to learn about mental health and talk about their own thoughts, emotions, and experiences. With CanopyLAB they have created courses on Mental Health and have recently started developing more advanced courses to take care of one’s health during the pandemic and the years to come. They have an online community of more than 1600 people with a passion for mental health.

Architects of Diversity

Malaysia’s diversity is its biggest strength, but also its biggest challenge. Through workshops, discussions, and reflections, Architects of Diversity aims to bridge communities and identity groups among youth in Malaysia. With CanopyLAB, AoD is creating a series of courses for individuals and groups who seek to bridge similar gaps in their own countries or communities.

Amigos del mar

Amigos del Mar looks for children who are not attending school because of family and economic problems. They offer assistance and school kits and make sure that the children can stay in school and participate in different sports and cultural programs. With CanopyLAB they have been able to continue their educational projects in the island of Tierra Bomba, Colombia which had more than 160 children in the community involved.

DreamRise Foundation

This initiative was born in Kenya and is a youth-led initiative. With a team of like-minded members, the organization has been able to grow and reach out to over 800 students from different parts of the country. With CanopyLAB they are offering free courses on personal development for young people around the world. These courses empower young people to find their strengths, better understand their personality and work on leadership skills.

The Purple Hydrangea Project

The Purple Hydrangea Project is a student-run nonprofit organization led by Madeleine Salem. Their goal is to fight the stigma around mental health and promote awareness in youth. They recognize that working together with the community is extremely important to create a safe space in which everyone can feel free to speak about their mental health struggles.

Justice in the Classroom

Justice in the Classroom is a student-led coalition whose goal is to increase cultural and racial competency and conversation within Ventura County through service, advocacy, and educational reform. They understand that education must engender an understanding and discussion of the stories and perspectives of people of color because they are integral in contextualizing history, exploring the human experience, and eradicating prejudiced lines of thought.


Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization (EWCO) is a non-profit organization that is continuously working to protect Uganda's communities and biodiversity while opening programs to engage people with the cause. They also promote amphibian conservation in communities that live near these species.

School Farms

School Farms was founded on 8th March 2013 as a community-based organization to help address the growing burden of supplying highly nutritious, farm-produced crops, fruits, and vegetables, to schools in Ghana.

We Are Entrepreneurs

We Are Entrepreneurs DK is an organization founded by Diana Medrea-Mogensen that aims to spread the power of the entrepreneurial mindset. They want to help people manage their own lives to give them professional growth and success.

Project 21

Project 21 is a student-led NGO founded by Avani Goenka. Its mission is to build a tech-inclusive society by redefining education and opening up a world of possibilities and opportunities for the less privileged. Something fundamental given the disparities in access to tech tools that have always been present but became even more evident during the pandemic

Danish Design Center

The Danish Design Center’s REMODEL program at your fingertips! Join the open-source craze and revolutionize your business model through interactive activities and inspiring case studies.

Maternity Foundation

Through the course “Can a mobile phone save a mother’s life?”, Maternity Foundation shows how technology can have a huge impact on our health.

Alliance of Democracies

The Alliance of Democracies Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of democracy and free markets across the globe, empowering people against misinformation and ensuring a more democratic future!

Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders International College (CBIC) is a non-profit education provider that create spaces for dialogue and communication by empowering people to be active citizens. Engaging with each other through non-violent communication is the way to protect ourselves, the people around us and create a healthy environment for self-expression and sharing.

Futuro Verde
(Costa Rica)

Futuro Verde has a very clear mission which is to become the the main source of information for everything related to climate change in Spanish. Behind this, there is a dream of providing enough information so that people are empowered to take action and make a change in their lives. With CanopyLAB they created the course on becoming climate change activists in the hopes of reaching all Spanish speakers in the United States, Spain, and Latin America.

HER Foundation

The HER (Hyperemesis Education & Research) Foundation is a nonprofit that provides support, groundbreaking research, advocacy, and education on hyperemesis. Since 2000, HER has been the leading source of information on HG and a trusted lifeline for hundreds of thousands of families across the globe. HER Foundation empowers those managing HG with information and support to minimize suffering, long-term health complications, and pregnancy loss.


Rosalia Rivera is an abuse prevention expert who founded CONSENTparenting. They aim to reach parents who have been victims of sexual assault to prevent abuse of their own children. To do so, they provide guides, materials, and courses to empower and support parents with this complicated task.

GenERAtion Ratify

GenERAtion Ratify is a youth-led movement founded in 2019 that aims to correct the Constitution of the United States of America by mobilizing youth to fight for equal rights and gender equality. They also work with women-identifying, non-binary, gender nonconforming, and femme folx to uplift their political voices.

Project ARC

Project ARC began in 2008 with Dr. Tim Kubik and Dr. Dayna Laur in their commitment to assess learning professionally. Since then, they have been working to facilitate relevant community partnerships for educators and businesses to promote complex community learning through the APLEs (authentic project learning experiences).