A Social Learning Experience.

On our learning platform, every learner has a personal profile and a newsfeed. You can follow others and they can follow you. Why? Because you are a part of a learning community! We have built the learning platform on top of a social network structure with a design similar to the major social network platforms you already love. It’s intuitive, beautifully designed and easy to use.

Personal profile

Showcase who you are, your accomplishments, the courses you have taken and your knowledge and competencies through your personal profile. The personal profile is a mini CV.

Newsfeed and wall

Did you know that publicly sharing your progress can actually help motivate you to accomplish your goals?

Follow, like, comment, and share functions

To encourage reflection and dialogue you can post, comment and discuss in the news feed. Did you just finish an amazing course, or read something enlightening last night? Let your peers know.

Direct messaging & Email

Send direct messages to one or many of those you follow. Administrators, teachers, and HR can send messages directly to your email inbox, such as important reminders.

Learning Spaces

It’s not a traditional course or class, It’s a learning experience with all what you need right in front of you. We call it Spaces and it gives you a simple overview of the content, exercises and materials library - all organized in logical chapters so you can keep track on where you are and how far you have come.

Personalized & Adaptive Approach.

We have made a set of features that enable you to make the platform match the visual identity of your company, institution or university. We’ve also gone the extra mile to make it feel like it was custom made for each individual learner.

White labeling

We help you make your learning environment match the visual of your company, institution or university. Make the learning experience feel familiar through mirroring the feeling of your physical setting, website, etc.

360 Diagnostics

The learning preference quiz “Explore You” provides us with actionable insight into every learner’s learning preferences. The quiz helps us tailor the learning experience to the individual.

Adaptive quiz

Our adaptive quiz is designed to help you learn more effectively, by identifying your knowledge gaps.

Personal learning dashboards

Your personal learning dashboards is a visualization of your learning DNA. Use your individual dashboards to follow learning paths and progression. Voila.

Responsive across desktop, tablet, and mobile

Regardless of whether you want to learn on the go, or in the comfort of your home, we got you covered across devices.

Search local and global content libraries

You can easily search your own or our global content library through connecting to “the LAB” CanopyLAB free learning platform. That way you can learn from a global pool of expert organizations.

Gain new competencies through exercises and collaboration.

Just as in a physical classroom, we all benefit from conversation with interesting peers, working with materials through exercises, and receiving feedback from the teacher, through large-scale teamwork or in open discussions with a partner. In each course chapter you are given a series of exercises, you can use to practice competencies through. The practical combinations of learning materials and exercises allow you to both learn knowledge and competencies and prepare for the workplace of the future.

Templates you will love using

Whether you prefer multiple choice quizzes, journaling, debates or working on writing an essay we got you covered. We are constantly releasing new templates you can use to enable more than 40 different types of exercises that allow learners to practice different competences.


Earn tags that allow you to showcase your accomplishments to your peers and take interactive quizzes and challenge yourself.

Blended learning

We have designed the learning spaces with blended learning in mind. Learners can either answer exercises directly on the platform or upload their answers at a later stage.

Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence.

Exercise recommendations

Our AI recommends specific exercises to the different chapters of your course, so it isn’t such a jungle to pick between our 55+ different templates. It gives you confidence in knowing when to pick journaling, debates, a Multiple Choice Quiz, Brainstorming or even roleplaying.

Auto-generated exercises content

Making exercises has never been easier. Now, our AI even generates an exercise description for you. Not sure how to inspire learners to pick up journaling? What are best practices for reflection exercises? Don’t worry, we got your back and support you through the entire exercise creation process.

Meta-tagging of all content

We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to meta-tag and catalog all uploaded content. That helps you keep tracking of what users learn, and help us automatically transfer their activities onto their personal profile.

Auto-generated questions

Our AI engine instantly creates quiz questions based on your course content for all of your quiz-based exercises, such as multiple choice quizzes, adaptive quizzes, baseline tests, and much more.

with ease.

It should not require a Ph.D. to make compelling courses.
With our exclusive feature set for administrators and teachers,
we hold your hand every step of the way.

Choose between different privacy settings

Do you want your learning environment to be open to everyone or just a select group of learners? Perhaps you have courses you want to invite a selected group to attend? No problem, we support it all.

Intuitive course builder

Our simple course builder allows you to release a course in just hours with our premade course template!


You control the settings on exercises. If they require your feedback, you can approve or reject them and send a direct message to users with feedback.

Add and remove users

Administrators can easily add and remove users, either one by one or in bulk using our csv template.

Privacy and security made simple

Built-in the Nordics, based on principles of transparency and respect for privacy. The platform cloud-based and hosted on AWS servers, which is safe, private and reliable. Your data can be stored in any region you prefer. The platform is GDPR compliant.

Different language versions

We currently support English, Danish and Spanish but are constantly adding new languages. Just reach out if you are interested in a different language.

Enlightening Dashboards

Analytics shouldn’t be complicated. We have shortlisted the metrics you need to make sure your learners are on track combined with insights that help you optimize your courses.

Enable your favorite integrations.

You got other apps that you love and so do we. We have enabled our favorite, but what are yours? We are constantly adding new integration, keep and eye on our blog for the latest news.

ZOOM: Meetings, webinars and rooms. Whatever your purpose, we made sure the experience is integrated and seamless.

bot hard.

Supporting your learning experience

Setting out on your learning journey can be challenging, but our newly released chatbot is right beside you to support, guide and help you through in any way. Its name is Sahra-Josephine, and she will answer all your questions and help you make the most out of your learning experiences.

Assisting your course creation

Need an extra hand with building amazing courses for your learners? Don’t worry, our chatbot is here to assist you as a host. Its name is Lise, and she is ready to answer all the questions you may have when it comes to the how, where and why of course creation.

Extra features for schools and universities.

Due to popular demand, we have made an additional set of features exclusively for schools and universities to enable a cool and seamless student and teacher experience.

Where is my classroom?

Our classroom indicator allows you to note the place and time of your in-class session.


Assign students grades for their submitted work, using different national grading scales.

Assignment deadlines

Assign students individual or collective deadlines for their work.


Award learners with a certificate to showcase their knowledge and skills and increase motivation to finish their courses.

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HR Manager
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"Very easy and intuitive to use. It's a plug and play tool"
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eLearning Consultant
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"It was very easy to navigate, to develop engaging training processes for the end-user and to think about training in a new way."
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Senior Administrator
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PM Manager
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