How to launch an influential Group in your LXP in 3 minutes or less

Extra extra read all about our new groups feature here and how you can increase learner outcomes using groups in 3 minutes or less.

Whether you are a teacher or a course designer at a big company, there are many benefits to separating your end-users into groups. Think of them like Facebook groups – smaller spaces of belonging for students, staff, or team members.


All LXP administrators and hosts can create groups through the admin dashboard. Simply click on the admin dashboard and click “create group.”


Some of the trends we see are among teachers is that they create groups for:

  • A graduating class
  • A course like macroeconomics 101
  • All Faculty
  • All math teachers


Among course designers and HR, they tend to be more creative and make groups for:

  • Trainees
  • New hires Fall 2021
  • Economics majors
  • Football fans
  • Morning yoga.


Groups can be used in formal and informal ways – why don’t you create your first group to find out what works for you?




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