Using NLP to identify your knowledge and create automatic CVs

In the video below Valeria Gayoso showcases our NLP functionality that helps auto-generate learner CVs and identifies what knowledge you gain from taking a specific course. Once you have taken the course, the course knowledge tags are transferred to your profile.


Why is the tag structure interesting

Implementing an NLP-tag structure is innovative because the underlying NLP engine catalogs the topics covered in the course materials based on an NLP analysis of the materials. This enables us to automatically generate learning CVs and tell you in advance of taking a course what knowledge you will gain in that specific course.

Of course, the algorithm isn’t perfect, especially when we venture into a new area that it may not have been trained in as much. We trained the algorithm in the field of Social Sciences to start off with. And every time you manually correct the algorithm, it gets smarter.


Language availability

For now, the NLP features are available in English using English-language materials, but we are also training the algorithms in Spanish.


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